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Electrician Orange – Orange Electrical Works

Working all around the historic Central West, Orange Electrical Works’ tradesmen are highly trained in all things electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning as well as contracting for a range of commercial, government and even residential projects and clients. No matter how big or small, we attend to every job with the professionalism and care that our clients have come to expect.

Established in 1921, Orange Electrical know everything about the changing nature of electrical appliances. It’s why we insist that all our qualified tradesmen and electricians on our ever growing team continuously improve their skills and use the latest in electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning technology to keep your wiring, fridges, air conditioners and appliances in peak operating condition. Orange Electrical are proud agents for Fujitsu air conditioners.

We also insist on our tradesmen gaining skills across a diverse range of applications and build on these skills with routine training programs. That means we can dispatch more than one of our tradesmen to complete the work required at any given time and maximise our work capability. Orange Electrical invests in our future to ensure the best quality work and peace of mind, guaranteed.

Family owned and operated since 1995, Orange Electrical have been exceeding the expectations of our clients since the beginning. We strive to make every job better than our last. All our tradesmen are professional and courteous and work with all our clients so we can best suit their needs. We also specialise in monthly, quarterly or routine maintenance of your electrical appliances, refrigerators or air conditioners that meet your specifications.

Orange Electrical is a proud member of National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and we also hold a contractors licence for Electrical, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Need sub-contractors in the petroleum industry? We’re accredited by the Australian Institute of Petroleum and can both work and supervise any petroleum industry-based projects.

During our long history Orange Electrical Works have won numerous award and so have our staff: so go with a proven combination for your next electrical or air conditioning project with the experience you can trust. Our success rests on the quality of our service.

If you need the best electricians in the central west, call Orange Electrical!